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Each year, countless Americans around the country look forward to watching NASCAR racing events. As cars continue to get faster, and drivers become more skilled, so will the impact that NASCAR has in the sports world. To get a better understanding of NASCAR and how it works, it is important to know how the general season functions. 

Since the first Daytona race took place in 1948, NASCAR has seen a steady evolution of how it works. While the NASCAR season used to take place year-round, the season now consists of 36 races in a 10-month schedule. The schedule allows for a variety of competitive events for drivers to participate in. NASCAR is broken down into the Main Series, Nationwide Series, and Camping World Truck Series. Each series features a number of races that drivers can participate in. 

NASCAR Main Series
The most popular NASCAR events are a part of the NASCAR Main Series. These events are dedicated to racing cars that typically weigh 3,450 pounds, with approximately 850 horsepower. The Main Series season typically consists of 26 races altogether. The Main Series is where some of the sport’s biggest names, including Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Jeff Gordon come from. NASCAR drivers may begin in the Nationwide Series to practice their skills and will enter the Main Series once they are prepared. 

NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs
After the NASCAR 26 races are completed in the Main Series, the next step is the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs, which consists of 10 races altogether. The playoffs include three segments for drivers to get through, before meeting at the final race. The playoffs begin with 16 drivers altogether, and four drivers are eliminated each segment, leaving four drivers at the final race. The NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs are held at different locations throughout the United States, so drivers can experience different raceways. 

Shortly after the 2020 season began, it was postponed as part of the efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak. It is unclear how the remainder of the season will be affected, but NASCAR officials will continue to look for ways to bring NASCAR driving back as soon as possible. To stay up-to-date on NASCAR news, visit Scott Hartman’s website.