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The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the sports world. One of the few major organizations that has managed to continue their season is NASCAR. While other sports are still trying to figure out how to safely hold events, NASCAR has been running races since the middle of May. These are the four biggest ways NASCAR has adjusted the sport to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. 

No Practice or Qualifying
NASCAR teams typically spend several days at a track leading up to a race to practice and fine-tune the car. This allows them to have the perfect car setup entering the race. In order to limit exposure to others, practicing has officially been banned. Teams will also not run qualifying laps the day before the race. The starting grid for every race is determined by a random draw based on positioning in the standings. 

No Fans in Stands
Few sporting events in the world can draw crowds like a NASCAR race. It is not uncommon for there to be more than 100,000 fans in the stands during a race. Since it is not safe to have large gatherings right now, NASCAR is running most of their races without fans. Some tracks are preparing to allow a limited number of fans inside in the near future, but this can obviously change at any time. 

Limiting Personal Contact
In order to prevent a potential widespread outbreak, NASCAR is implementing strict rules to limit personal contact. Drivers and the pit crew are not allowed to socially interact with members of the other teams at the track. Everyone also has their own personal motorhome at the venue. Anyone that is not currently performing an essential task on the car must sit in their motorhome until they are needed. Team rosters have also been cut down to only 16 members. 

Strict Testing Protocols
NASCAR is performing health screenings on everyone that enters the venue on race day. The drivers are also getting regularly tested for the virus. If one of these tests comes back positive, then the driver will be unable to compete until their health improves. An alternate driver will be used to maintain a full race field. Sick drivers will not be penalized in the point standings.