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On a worldwide scale, coronavirus has brought all sports to a grinding halt. With that said, as that happened, some companies like Nascar, Fox Sports, and iRacing discovered an opportunity in the new setup. iRacing, an online motorsports simulation platform, first began in 2004, and they came uniquely equipped and prepared to bridge the gap. This soon created what became known as the e-NASCAR iRacing Pro invitational series. Many of the drivers who have competed in Nascar will come to the show.

Temporary Move to Virtual Racing
Nascar doesn’t do this alone in its temporary move to virtual racing. In fact, they did a six-race IndyCar iRacing Challenge. The F1 races are being run in this way as well, and that trend will most likely continue with other racing sports going this direction until the pandemic ends. The interesting thing is that the decision to take things in this direction has been reasonably successful. 

How iRacing Works
People shouldn’t look at iRacing as a video game because that isn’t what this is intended to be. Instead, they want people to see this as a simulator for racing sports. It takes place on the platform, and people have a sophisticated form of a racing simulation. While anyone can sign up with the iRacing platform, people should understand how there are some system requirements. 

One of the great things about this system comes from the fact that the same forces, mechanics and exist in the simulation, much like they would in real-life racing. This helps to give it more appeal. 

They first founded iRacing back in 2004, and the technology has continued to grow with time. Dave Kaemmer, the co-founder of Papyrus Design Group, helped to make this platform, and they take people into an inside look at what happens from the cockpit of a race car. 

The e-NASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series first began when coronavirus first picked up steam and forced them to shut their doors. Until they can get back together, the community has come together to give diehard fans new ways that they can experience the sport of Nascar. It becomes a fun and competitive experience that they can try out on race day to see what happens.