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In the effort to provide racing fans normalcy, NASCAR will provide short-track racing along with more road courses. Also, after considering the suggestions from many fans that races be run during the week, Nascar has changed its view of week-day racing. While there was previously some difficulty in selling enough tickets to make the races profitable, now television stations are seeking live sports programming since more fans are at home during the week to watch these races.

Also, since a couple of months on the racing calendar have been lost, NASCAR has scheduled five races to be held in the middle of some weeks, adding to the new schedule begun in mid-May. Still, NASCAR is rather reserved about upcoming plans since networks have nearly 1.5 to 2 million viewers–almost half of what they would typically bring in on a weekend before the epidemic, the stock car racing association would probably welcome to their schedules the addition of events held on weeknights.

Recovery from the Epidemic

Modern technology has enabled NASCAR to recover from the inactivity brought about by the pandemic. Sophisticated racing simulators are used by racing teams, enabling engineers and drivers to get a car ready for a specific track without having to run practice laps.

Despite the lack of practices, competition in most of the races has proven to be close, providing excitement for the fans. Before the scheduled races, drivers climb into the delivered cars, drive two or three laps and then line up for the race. Also, to make up for missed races, the Cup Series has held double-headers on Saturdays and Sundays.

Innovative Ideas for Racing

Ingenuity is an attribute in many mechanically-minded people, and NASCAR has employed this ingenuity as they partnered with IndyCar for a “doubleheader” at Indianapolis in July. The Indy-cars and NASCAR’s Xfinity Series raced back-to-back on the road course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on a Saturday, with the Cup Series racing on the following Sunday on the track’s historic oval. These events went so well that the stock cars and open-wheel cars seem open for more such events.

NASCAR president Steve Phelps has promised to run the complete schedule with 36 Cup Series races. Also, all areas of the industry have created a plan for a normal year in 2021. The visit to California will be the first in two years.