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NASCAR is a corporate showpiece that engages stock car racing. It is eminent in the United States and Canada, with Great Britain, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia endowing.

Its inception dates back to 1947 when France held talks with other prominent racers and promoters in Florida. Since its foundation, the company refrained from entrance of American carmakers. It was until 2004 when Toyota was granted the rights to participate. Their first truck model was the Toyota Tundra, though it had a Japanese origin but assembled in the United States. This move has had a string of advantages to Toyota.

A Lot of Changes in the NASCAR Garages
The affiliation of Toyota to the racing company has seen domination of the garages by their models. They have enhanced engine developments with up to 20 horsepower advantages. It has become top-tier, and its presence has become a testament to the company. They have focused on lots of competitions while merging developments and triumphs.

Acquisition of Car Buyers
Toyota is ranked among the top investors in the car manufacturing industry. Joining NASCAR was a threshold that helped them to upgrade their market standards. They set a pace that showcased their potential and has convincingly had a better share in acquiring American and worldwide customers. It was like a bridge that has even created more employments in the country. Sales have been modest, with the margins still set to rise. 

Winning the Hearts of Many Loyal Fans
Despite facing resistance at the beginning, Toyota pushed on to achieve the greatest. They have been on the front line in the company’s racing and have outshined any potential rival. It has provided an adequate supply of cars to racers and obtained significant racing assets such as Busch. He has contributed to 30 of the 79 top-level triumphs that Toyota has acquired. This has resulted in a drift in the loyalty of NASCAR’S fans.

The Escalated Media Value
They have experienced a tangible increase in their media value, majorly from the interest in the racing competition. According to Repucom, Toyota earned more than $50 million and 30 hours of time on-screen during races in 2015. That is the third rank in sponsorship behind Sprint and Chevrolet.