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NASCAR is a beloved sport with millions of extremely passionate fans. The booming popularity and exciting action on the track make NASCAR the perfect film subject. The racing film genre offers so much depth that you do not even have to be a fan of NASCAR to enjoy the movies. These are the four best movies about NASCAR. 

Talladega Nights
When it comes to moves about NASCAR, they simply do not get any better than “Talladega Nights.” This hilarious comedy stars Will Farrell, John C. Reilly, and Sasha Baron Cohen as rival NASCAR drivers looking to become the best in the sport. This would not be a Will Farrell comedy without some crazy antics disrupting his rise to the top. The lack of racing action may limit the movie’s appeal to diehard NASCAR fans, but everyone else will absolutely love the insane comedy. 

Days of Thunder
“Days of Thunder” was the first mainstream film to focus exclusively on the world of NASCAR. The movie came out in 1990 when NASCAR was just starting to gain a dedicated following. “Days of Thunder” stars Tom Cruise as a NASCAR driver looking to win the Daytona 500 after a long stint away from the sport due to injuries. Nicole Kidman, Robert Duvall, and Michael Rooker play supporting characters in the movie. 

While it may be animated, “Cars” definitely needs to be mentioned among the best NASCAR movies. The film revolves around Lightning McQueen, voice by Owen Wilson, as he tries to get to the last race of the season in hopes of winning the Piston Cup Championship. McQueen meets a lot of interesting characters in his adventure before eventually getting to the race in the film’s climax. The light comedy and beautiful visuals make “Cars” a movie both children and adults can enjoy. 

The Last American Hero
“The Last American Hero” is a film based on the real-life of beloved NASCAR racer Junior Johnson. Jeff Bridges stars as the title character. Johnson hones his driving skills delivering moonshine before rising to the top of the NASCAR ranks. The authentic presentation of NASCAR will make diehard fans fall in love with this movie. The interesting real-life story should be enough to appeal to everyone else.